Savage Opress stared at the wind and watched the wind create tiny tortoises of sand. As soon as one of them disappears, he tried to guess where the next will birth and follow closely the chosen area. Sometimes he was lucky and guessed the place, sometimes not. It was a game of chance, but Savage was already an expert. He was playing this little imagination game since was little and now rely on his experience.
– “It’s a quiet morning, brother.” It was heard from behind.
– “Really, brother. It’s a cool and quiet morning. But soon the sun will rise and warm.” Savage answered without turning his head to see who he was talking to or to take his attention from the tiny tornado he was following.
– “Soon we will be called for training. But something does not give me peace and I cannot concentrate as I once did”. The voice behind Savage was again.
– “I saw it too, Feral. You have not been yourself in the last few days. You have lost many beats in training in recent days. What happens ?” This time Savage had returned to Feral leaving the tornado game. His face was numb and worried.
– “I have the same dream for a few days. A voice in the dark repeats the same thing “The end is near, your task is finished. A new beginning is ahead, not for you, but for our people, they will raise and forge a mighty empire, Dathoimir Alliance”. Then the voice just repeat over and over again “Do not fear death.” I cannot sleep anymore, I cannot eat and this nightmare does not stop”.
– “Feral, you have to go over this. For a few days Mother Talzin has received someone from sky and it is possible to come and choose a new warrior among us. You have to keep up.” Savage said, looking at Feral as he continued:
– “And what is this Dathomir Alliance?”

To be continued